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As a coach you can: Access sophisticated calendar and booking tools Customise your course offerings Manage your bookings on the go Quickly and simply setup your profile Market you and your course for free ? Despite being in business for less than a year, becoacht is the fastest growing coaching platform in Europe.If you are just getting into fitness or you already have a way of staying fit, then you certainly know how challenging it can be to follow through or stay committed. ? No matter your age, experience, skill, or preference of fine cheeses, everyone on becoacht is considered an athlete, and as an athlete you can: Quickly discover and securely book a sports course Read userrated reviews of courses and coaches Connect with a global community of sports enthusiasts Hook up with fellow athletes in your area Have it all for free! ? But, becoacht doesn?t only help athletes We help coaches too. becoacht enables people to discover and book sports courses from coaches and pro idols. Where would you look? If you found one, how would you know it?s what you need? ? Well, what if there was a place where you could forget these questions, and focus on discovering or connecting with your sport on your own terms? I am here to tell you there is such a place, and it can be found at I believe the primary obstacle people deal with in these situations is the lack of motivation and that certainly doesn?t mean they are lazy. Remember, the bigger the becoacht community grows, the better it becomes for all! ? Thanks for reading,. Be sure to tell your friends and family. ? Furthermore, the actual process of finding that sport can be a royal pain in the backside. Let?s say you wanted to book a cycling course, or a personal Born, and raised in Munich, Germany, becoacht has accumulated over 2,000 coaches, teaching a number of different sports. Now that Germany is well covered, we are looking to the UK! Keep an eye out for us! ? If you are a coach or athlete who wants to book a course you can register at becoacht. It simply means they haven?t found their way or the sport that speaks to them most

Joined the gym in January but never quite made it to February. actually showed that exercising with a personal trainer changed people?s perceptions and attitudes towards exercise, leading to longer-term change. By following their trainer?s advice between the sessions, many of our clients are actually spending less than they did on their former gym subscriptions ? yet seeing significantly better results. Personal training sessions may be relatively expensive in comparison but if they work then surely this would be worth paying for.? ? Research shows that in the UK we waste approximately ?37 million on gym memberships every year that we never use. So is it really worth the money? ? According to Michael Gowen, Group Fitness Director at MotivatePT, ?Celebrities actually make up a very small percentage of any trainer?s client base. Ask the trainer for an exercise plan that you can do on your own too and if you need support reach out to your trainer by phone or email when you need advice. Bought that cross-trainer off Ebay, but now just use it as a glorified clothes rack. They all have personal trainers, right? But with the average training session in the UK costing upwards of ?35, it?s certainly not the cheapest option. As despite all the advice and scientific studies, it seems that much of our success with a personal trainer may ultimately be down to the level of effort that we?re willing to put into our training program. The group led by the trainer achieved 32% more upper body strength and almost 50% greater lower body strength than the group that trained alone. After wasting endless amounts of money on dieting, fitness gadgets and gym memberships, many of us may consider turning our attention to something widely considered to be more effective ? personal training! ? After all celebrities don?t achieve their buff, red-carpet figures by willpower alone. Many clients these days are on a budget and so only see their trainer once a week or perhaps just once a fortnight and they may even split the session cost with a partner or friends. In a study carried out by Bell State University two equally matched groups undertook an identical 12-week training plan.? ? It seems that a personal trainer can increase our exercise compliance and can push us to achieve better results than independent exercise. They?re there to help you achieve your goals and they should be giving you the knowledge and resources to enable you to continue on your own. Instead most clients are just regular people, with normal jobs who have all tried gym memberships, but just haven?t seen results. ? ?Ensure you find a personal trainer that has experience and a track record,? explains Gowen.So you?ve tried those fasting diets, without much success. But what does the science tell us about the effectiveness of personal training? ? Most of us will evaluate the cost of training against the results we achieve, in order to determine if it represents value for money. The experiment certainly illustrates the already known fact that we all work harder when being pushed by a trainer. It seems that it would be better to spend out on a personal trainer and actually benefit from the exercise sessions than paying out on a gym and never visiting. One group was unsupervised, whilst the other worked with a personal trainer. ?Ultimately you?re paying for results and that means working with a trainer who can help you attain your fitness goals. But whether it?s worth the money will ultimately be a personal choice based upon our spending preferences, lifestyle and willingness to change

i.The world is changing at an almost alarming rate and I am not talking about global warming. You might think that the only time you are away from all this technology is when you are by yourself on a run or cycle. Think about it, we have probably all been sitting in a classroom at some point in our lives trying to keep our eyes open. The lesson finishes and you look at your notepad to see 2 hastily scribbled sentences that make very little sense. Taking night classes is painful and can reduce motivation significantly ? you may still be taking the classes at night but at least you can do it in the comfort of your own home! ? Be a better you,. Remote or online learning has meant that you can now access these lessons at any time of day (or night!) and in any location as long as you have an internet connection or had previously downloaded the material. This makes such a change from getting qualified as a personal trainer in the days before e-learning. ? Becoming a personal trainer used to be reasonably expensive. Over the last decade technology has also infiltrated education, including the education of personal trainers. No longer are there set hours during which you absolutely have to be at a set location, otherwise you simply missed the lesson. It is a genuine skill set and as such, trainees spend more time in the classroom than in the gym. Smartphones are used for music and Nike+ style applications for recording factors such as distance and speed to share on social media. If anything it produces more knowledgeable trainers. Remote learning allows students to learn when they choose thus increasing productivity. Traditionally, courses would involve a lot of time in a classroom with practical sessions requiring constant travel. Believe it or not, you can now complete the majority of a personal trainer course online with companies such as Be A Better You. The majority of courses at Be A Better You do require you to travel to their HQ in London for practical sessions but again these can be arranged in order to suit your availability and are usually the final hurdle in getting qualified. It has genuinely transformed people?s lives. With online courses the costs can be significantly reduced without reducing the quality of the content. Teacher?s time, classrooms and gym space costs money, and these costs are naturally passed on to the consumer. I?m talking about how technology is now infiltrating everything that we do.e you no longer have to be sat in a classroom to learn something. The hours of studying are inescapable, that is simply the nature of the beast. ? The web has made it possible to share considerable amounts of information without having a physical presence. But what online learning has done is create flexibility. Not anymore. ? Many people do not realise the amount of theory that is required to get qualified as a personal trainer

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